Winnipeg’s Industrial and Commercial HVAC Companies Can Say Goodbye to Concrete Pads!

Industrial and commercial heating, ventilation and air conditioning units require more support than your standard residential units and are therefore typically placed on concrete pads.  Fast, easy and hassle-free are usually not words associated with pouring of concrete.  Let’s face it, concrete is messy and not easy to work with and getting a really good concrete contractor out to do your work when you need it done is no easy task. I recently asked a hugely successful concrete contractor his secret to success, he replied “show up”.

Other issues with concrete that it’s pretty much permanent.  Therefore you pour a pad for an industrial or commercial unit and in 15 to 20 years when your replacement unit is half the size of your older unit, you have this huge pad looking unattractive and consuming valuable space.  Plus, if you get more than 15 years out of your concrete pad without it shifting or cracking in the Winnipeg area, you’re doing really well.

The good news for HVAC companies is that by the grace of evolution and progress, there is now a much easier, cost-effective and efficient solution… steel screw piles.  Steel screw piles, such as Postech’s Thermal Piles, are as supportive as concrete but also anchored below the frost-line to ensure there is no movement as a result of frost heaving in the winter or clay dryness in the summer.  Additionally, our Thermal Piles can be removed as well as reused.  Why would that be important?  Because, when you go to replace your industrial or commercial heating, ventilation or air conditioning unit, we can come in, remove the existing pile s and re-install them exactly where you like.

Currently VersaPile Premium Foundations, Winnipeg’s exclusive dealer of Postech Thermal Piles, is offering the most solid and stable piles ever designed at only $265 per pile.  Note that corporate accounts which purchase higher quantities of piling work qualify for additional savings.  In addition to cost savings, you might also enjoy time savings with most piling jobs completed within a week.

About screwpiling

We install premium pile foundations which are guaranteed against movement due to frost heaving. Our piles are affordable and professionally installed according to torque, this means you get a perfect install every time! We proudly serve the Greater Winnipeg Area, Steinbach, South-East Manitoba and Interlake regions. Start off on a solid foundation with a Postech Thermal Piles, the most solid and stable piles ever designed.
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