Postech Steel Helical Screw Piles Available in Steinbach Manitoba

Steinbach is a one of Manitoba’s fastest growing communities and one major reason is that it is a progressive community.  What better for a city requiring homes and infrastructure and that embraces progress but Postech Thermal Piles?

Featuring an insulated design, Postech Thermal Piles are the leading helical screw piles in Canada in terms of quality, performance, and number of piles installed as well as dealers across the country.  If you are building a new home, deck, sunroom, porch, shed, garage, shop, etc. or installing a lamppost, clothesline, signpost, hot tub or solar panel, we have a solid foundation solution that will install quickly and affordably.

To learn more about what makes a Postech Thermal Pile the best choice for a solid foundation, click here:

For more information about building in Steinbach, click here:

When considering Steinbach piling contractors be sure to call Postech Metal Foundations at 1 (855) 474-5474 (4-PILING) for a free consultation and/or quote.

About screwpiling

We install premium pile foundations which are guaranteed against movement due to frost heaving. Our piles are affordable and professionally installed according to torque, this means you get a perfect install every time! We proudly serve the Greater Winnipeg Area, Steinbach, South-East Manitoba and Interlake regions. Start off on a solid foundation with a Postech Thermal Piles, the most solid and stable piles ever designed.
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