Can You Build a Home on Postech Screw Piles?


Postech’s 3.5″ diameter Thermal Piles are built tough and can support most residential projects including new home builds.  Below you can see a recent project completed by Postech Winnipeg for a customer in a real bind.

We received a call from a customer in panic mode on Thursday afternoon; they were drilling concrete piles and the silt soil continually caved in the holes they were boring making the installation of traditional concrete piles near impossible.  The customer immediately called their engineer for advice; “try calling Postech Winnipeg”, was the answer! Knowing that Postech’s premium screw piles had what it took to support the weight of the 2,300 sq.ft. bungalow, the engineer also understood that they could be installed in nearly any soil including sloppy silt.

On Friday, Postech Winnipeg arrived to drill a test pile.  We went down and down in less than desirable soil until at approximately 22 feet we hit hardpan achieving total resistance (approximately 70,000lbs to a 1.35 safety factor).  The information went off to the engineer and we booked Monday morning for the installation; we carry a healthy inventory so that projects like this can get done quickly.

By the end of day Monday, 28 piles were installed between 27 and 21 feet deep.  Every pile was laser leveled and cut to the desired height (enough for void form and gravel) and then topped with our 8″X8″ cement head adapters.

On Tuesday the contractors tasked with building the home resumed work on the foundation.  Had there been any further delay the contractors had no choice but to delay this customer’s project by one month in order to stay on schedule with another project.

Are you currently shaking your head wondering what a solution might be to either fast track your project, make it even possible or to avoid costly delays?  Give Postech Winnipeg a shout at 204.793.0653 or visit us online at

Proudly serving Winnipeg, rural Manitoba and cottage country!

About screwpiling

We install premium pile foundations which are guaranteed against movement due to frost heaving. Our piles are affordable and professionally installed according to torque, this means you get a perfect install every time! We proudly serve the Greater Winnipeg Area, Steinbach, South-East Manitoba and Interlake regions. Start off on a solid foundation with a Postech Thermal Piles, the most solid and stable piles ever designed.
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