3 Reasons to Use an Excavator to Install Screw Piles – Winnipeg Manitoba

Sometimes we are asked why we choose an excavator as our primary piece of equipment for installing screw piles.  “Why not use a robot or modified ATV?”  The answer is that we believe we are a company which offers solutions and as a company offering solutions we require versatility.

Common Problem #1:  When installing a screw pile, you hit a large rock which the screw pile can’t pass through.

Solution:  First you can use a carbide drilling bit which Postech Winnipeg carries.   Second, for larger and more dense rocks, you need to excavate the rock.  If we chose to install with a robot or modified ATV, we would have to call a excavation contractor to remove the rock at a tremendous expense to the customer in both time and money.

Common Problem #2: The customer is building close to the ground and requires trenching to ensure that expanding soils don’t push up on the support beam.

Solution:  For a more than reasonable cost, Postech Winnipeg can provide the trenching services the customer requires.  With a dry summer like this year’s, hand digging trenches is not fun.

Common Problem #3: The screw pile needs to be installed under an existing structure.

Solution:  With our excavator we can dig a hole under the existing structure where the screw pile is to be installed.  Again, this saves the customer the expense of time and money hiring an additional excavation contractor.

The work performed by Postech Winnipeg demonstrated in the picture above would certainly not have been possible without an excavator.  The project would have also been considerably more expensive for the customer.

Postech Winnipeg has three excavators of varying size as well as a mini-skidsteer; this provides us the versatility to choose the best multi-function equipment to tackle any project you might have.

For a fast, free and no-obligation quote, please contact Postech Winnipeg at 204.793.0653 or visit us at our website, www.manitobascrewpiles.ca.

Proudly serving Winnipeg, rural Manitoba and Cottage Country.

About screwpiling

We install premium pile foundations which are guaranteed against movement due to frost heaving. Our piles are affordable and professionally installed according to torque, this means you get a perfect install every time! We proudly serve the Greater Winnipeg Area, Steinbach, South-East Manitoba and Interlake regions. Start off on a solid foundation with a Postech Thermal Piles, the most solid and stable piles ever designed.
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  1. matt says:

    nice post and nice picture, thanks for sharing info and intel

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