Postech Screw Piles – Extensively Tested in Winnipeg, MB Clay (Famous Gumbo)

In August of 2014 Postech Screw Piles undertook extensive third-party engineer led and supervised testing in Winnipeg’s famous gumbo / clay soils.

The testing site was not ideal, in fact the soil was downright terrible at ~30kPa, highly moist and plastic soft clay soil. The soil content was 83% clay, 15% silt and 2% sand.

Testing Site Geotech

Some companies might have chosen another test site to ensure their products performed at an optimal level, however, we were thrilled to have found less than desirable soil for our testing. It’s one thing to prove your product works in ideal conditions, it’s another to ensure your data remains true when the soil is less than ideal.

One of our goals was to determine the relationship between the torque applied during installation and the overall capacity of the piles. The result was that torque was a reliable indication of capacity to a certain point. Once torque exceeded 4,000lbs-ft it the relationship was less predictable.

Once all the data was crunched by another ISO certified third party engineering firm, it was submitted to the National Research Council for review and consideration in revising the Postech Screw Piles CCMC report 13102-R.

In March 2015 we received our revised CCMC report 13102-R which now includes the data collected, reviewed and verified from the testing conducted in Winnipeg, MB as well as other testing conducted in Eastern Canada. Below are some key points from our new CCMC report:

– New torque installation chart for clay soils up to 9,500lbs; we involve geotechnical investigations when capacities exceed 9,500lbs.
– Expanded torque installation chart for cohesionless soils (sand, silt, granular, etc.) over 28,000lbs.
– 45% more torque is applied when installing in clay vs. cohesionless soils.
– A need for engineering of buildings only, other structures such as decks, sunrooms, gazebos, sheds, docks, etc. do not require an engineer to determine spacing, capacities, etc. unless specifically required by the building officials in the area.
– No need for an engineer stamped piling report on most projects; a certificate of conformity from a Certified Postech Screw Piles Installer is all that is needed.
– Inclusion of piles with shaft sizes ranging from 1-7/8″ to 6-5/8″.
– The addition of double as well as triple helical designs.
– Inclusion of helical sizes from 8″ to 26″.

Postech Screw Piles do not offer the highest capacity screw piles in clay but we do offer a screw pile and installation process that will perform even in the worst clay Winnipeg, MB has to offer. If you don’t want to leave your clay soils project to chance, Postech Screw Piles are an excellent investment.

Locally tested and nationally approved, Postech Screw Piles Manitoba – 1-855-4-PILING or 204-793-0653. Visit for more information or for a copy of our new CCMC report 13102-R email

About screwpiling

We install premium pile foundations which are guaranteed against movement due to frost heaving. Our piles are affordable and professionally installed according to torque, this means you get a perfect install every time! We proudly serve the Greater Winnipeg Area, Steinbach, South-East Manitoba and Interlake regions. Start off on a solid foundation with a Postech Thermal Piles, the most solid and stable piles ever designed.
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