About Postech Screw Piles Winnipeg

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Welcome to the blog of Postech Screw Piles Winnipeg.  We hope that you find the blog entries useful and that they answer some of the questions you might have regarding helical screw piles (aka: micro piles, ground anchors, tension anchors, steel piles, screw piles, helical piers, helical piles, etc.).

If you would like us to answer any questions you might have which are not already covered in the blog, please email Stan Higgins at stan@screwpiling.ca.

More about Postech Winnipeg:

You might also see our company advertised as VersaPile Premium Foundations.  VersaPile Premium Foundations is Winnipeg’s exclusive dealer of Postech Screw Piles, the most stable and solid piles ever designed.  We have raised the bar in the local piling industry with a best in class product and a superior customer experience; reading our blog or exploring our website will help you understand how we are different from Joe Winnipeg piling contractor.

We are proud members of a nationwide family of Postech dealers.  There are now more than 60 Postech dealers across Canada and Postech, which was founded in 1995, remains the country’s leader in the auger installed pile industry.

Postech Screw Piles Winnipeg is proud to serve Winnipeg, rural Manitoba and cottage country.  Below are a few of the towns we serve but we are happy to serve you in your town as well.

Winnipeg, Steinbach, Selkirk, Ste. Anne, Birds Hill, Grand Beach, Grand Marais, Pine Falls, Lac du Bonnet, Pinawa, Seven Sister Falls, Whiteshell, Buffalo Point, Niverville, Oakbank, Anola, Beausejour, Gimli, Hecla Island, Lorette, Elie, Morris, St. Malo, St. Laurent, Falcon Lake, West Hawk Lake, Dugald, Marchand, Kenora, Lac du Bonnet

Check out this picture slideshow video presentation of some of the fun projects we completed for our great customers in 2013.

If you have a building project, we have a screw pile foundation solution that will generally out perform and out last our competition at a price that will keep you smiling.  We have piling solutions for residential, agricultural, commercial, industrial, and recreational building projects.  Below are just some project we complete regularly.

Decks, Home Additions, Cottages, Homes, RTM’s, Mobiles, Trailers, Fences, Gazebos, Sun Rooms, Verandas, Porches, Garages, Sheds, Clotheslines, Solar Panels, Windmills, Ramps, Bridges, Boardwalks, Stairways, Lampposts, Flag Poles, Commercial Signs and Billboards, Hydro Towers, Docks, Boathouses, Retaining Walls, Engineered Structures, Carports, HVAC Units, Headstones, Commercial Machinery, Liquid Storage Tanks, Silos, Bollards, Statues, and just about anything else you can build.

Click here for a range of completed screw pile projects.

If you would like us to answer any questions you might have which are not already covered in the blog, please email Stan Higgins at stan@screwpiling.ca.

Visit our website at www.manitobascrewpiles.ca

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