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Piles Inside a Hotel? Call Postech!

Postech Installers have been on their fair share of “interesting” job sites but it was uniquely cool to drive through the front doors of a local hotel and navigate our way into the laundry room.   Our customer was tasked … Continue reading

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Screw Piles Installed in Frozen Soil – Postech Winnipeg is your Winter Piling Connection

So you’ve got a building project and your waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting for the ground to thaw so you can “break ground”.  Why not get a jump on the building season so you can enjoy your new house, garage, dock, … Continue reading

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Postech Winnipeg Could Save You Big Money on Engineering and Testing With a Steel Screw Pile Foundation

Do you have a building project where an engineer or building official is requiring your to perform costly testing of the foundation piles to ensure that they will support the required load? Or, have you been told you need to … Continue reading

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Heavy Duty Screw Piles for Cottage Life

Manitoba Piling Contractor, Postech Winnipeg, is making the inaccesible accessible while respecting the environment.  Although our name implies that we serve perhaps Winnipeg only, we are proud to serve those living in or with second homes in Manitoba’s cottage country.  Areas we serve include but are not … Continue reading

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Postech Winnipeg Completes Piling Job for Garage Grade Beam

Postech Thermal Piles have many applications including supporting grade beams.  Our most recent customer, Larry, now has Postech Thermal Piles for his garage’s grade beam.  Notice that each pile has been installed to exact height using a laser level.  The … Continue reading

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