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Winnipeg Screw Pile Tip #1 – AVOID SOIL ASSUMPTIONS

With over 20 years of “screw pile’ish” technology being used in and around Winnipeg, Manitobans have grown to be aware of what a screw pile / ground anchor is. Unfortunately Winnipeg was led to believe that screw piles should come … Continue reading

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Piles Inside a Hotel? Call Postech!

Postech Installers have been on their fair share of “interesting” job sites but it was uniquely cool to drive through the front doors of a local hotel and navigate our way into the laundry room.   Our customer was tasked … Continue reading

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The Advantages of Choosing a Postech Winnipeg Screw Pile Foundation

A short presentation for consumers to highlight some of the key advantages customers enjoy when choosing a Postech Winnipeg screw pile foundation for their building project.

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Postech Winnipeg Screw Piles a Year in Review

A slideshow of more than 100 images of Postech Winnipeg’s dedicated installation hard at work installing premium screw pile foundations for a wide range of building projects in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. Thank you to all our great customers who … Continue reading

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Installing 10′-6″ Helical Screw Piles for Sunroom in St Andrews Manitoba

Postech Winnipeg installation of 2.38″ diameter screw pile that is 10.5′ long with a 12″ helical for a sunroom project in St. Andrews, MB. Each screw pile is laser levelled to the perfect height for an efficient building process. Postech … Continue reading

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Helical Screw Piles for Deck and Pergola in Winnipeg Manitoba – 24 Second Installation!

Q.)  How long does it take to install six helical screw piles for a deck and pergola? A.)  24 seconds (when time-lapsed) or just shy of 1.5 hours in real-time. If you want a solid foundation for your deck project, … Continue reading

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